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BOD Meeting Minutes






minutes.3.27.14 (are below)

CASHE Board of Directors Meeting  Minutes: March 27, 2012  (DRAFT)

President Marty Axelson called meeting to order about 7:05 pm. Those attending the call were: Marty Axelson, Joyce Chonis, Dawn Blevins, Nathan Matza, and Ric Loya.

It was noted that the website is doing well with hits with most being from new people. Webmaster Oscar recommends that we ask visitors to the site to REGISTER so we can contact them.

The Board approved appointment of Ric Loya by Axelson to serve as Chair of the CASHE Dissolution Committee.

Joyce reported that CASHE has about $2,700 in the bank.

A motion was passed to approve the Bylaw changes as posted on the website. In summation:

Bylaws will now authorize the Executive Board to “have the general supervision of the affairs and governance of CASHE; Executive Board will have authority to dissolve CASHE; Quorum for the Executive Board and full Board shall be 50% of voting members of those groups; when CASHE dissolves, left over funds can go to a 501 c-4 OR 501 c-3. (Full bylaws are posted at].

A motion was passed to have the membership application removed from the website. Readers interested in membership will be asked to email Marty Axelson. Membership rates will be $25 for those that decide to join.

President Axelson adjourned meeting at 7:19.

Updates: 3/27/14 – Board Member Pieschel has voted YES on all the motions introduced at 7:30 PM and has confirmed with an email 3/28/14.  3/30/14: Vice President Brownell has voted YES on all the motions also. Board Member Lisa Thlick Khatachourdian has also voted yes.


Executive Board Action: April 8, 2014

The Executive Board has voted to support a resolution by California State Senator Ricardo Lara. The resolution will be a joint Senate-Assembly Resolution supporting National STD Prevention Month (April)  and National Teen HIV-AIDS Awareness Day (April 10). The resolution will be posted once approved by legislators in Sacramento.